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About Us

"Muka Magic" Trade Inc. is a leading end-to-end supply chain management (SCM) solutions provider in USA.

The company's head quarters is based in New York city USA, catering to various government departments, peace keeping forces, international aid agencies and privately owned companies.

We offer comprehensive services for warehouse management, integrated logistics, government procurement etc and sourcing services.

Since our humble beginnings in 2016, we have grown continuously and created a significant presence across the world with a very strong network in central America and Africa.

"Muka Magic" has a solid track record having executed dozens of deliveries                                     worth over $2 million for the US government, embassies and its allies, and various relief organizations around the globe.


Customer satisfaction is what we value most !

Complete Supply Chain Solutions
Global Sourcing
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global sourcing

Global Sourcing


Global Sourcing and Procurement – create strategic sourcing and procurement initiatives to cut costs and establish a difficult-to-imitate competitive advantage going forward.


In most industries Global sourcing and procurement may account for more than 50% of the total cost of manufacturing which makes “Muka Magic” play a strategic role more than ever before.

“Muka Magic” has helped various governments, aid agencies and contractors achieve their mission by managing the entire supply chain.


We help our clients achieve and sustain a competitive advantage by keeping low costs, providing goods efficiently effectively, without quality compromise and by doing so, saving time and money for our clients.​​


​“Muka Magic” has a multitude of services that can help companies achieve benefits, developed and grown through innovative techniques and extensive real-world experience.


Supplier Network Rationalization


Our supplier Network Rationalization system looks at factors that are unique to each company such as manufacturing footprint, quality, delivery and flexibility targets.

Those factors help to identify the right suppliers and implement them into the supplier network in order to provide the lowest total cost based on maximizing manufacturing effectiveness with the utmost efficiency.


This approach allows us to help our clients set up a strategy for various sourced part families starting from high level (few global suppliers, regional/local suppliers), down to the execution level.

We take traditional strategic sourcing techniques and link them with Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) capacity studies. Our robust method has time and again proven applicable to complex sourcing scenarios – such as multiple receiving locations and multiple sourced categories.



Procurement Business Process Transformation (B.P.T)


“Muka Magic” focuses on realigning processes and strategy, implementing the correct and most up to date technology and preparing companies for the future through many different forms of Business Transformation.


We use our Procurement Business Process for fundamentally rethinking and redesigning core procurement processes that are essential to our clients current and future progression. 

This enables companies to dramatically improve in critical performance measures such as quality, cost and time cycle. 

Our methodology directly links to your overall procurement business processes and delivers substantial benefits with virtually no impact on your day to day activities.


We strategically deploy a team to partner with you and using our experience in large private and public sector companies to allow your procurement process meet your customer/stakeholder demands, analyze and optimize your processes and ultimately reduce procurement costs while not sacrificing effectiveness.

“Muka Magic” prides itself as one of the leading trade houses in sourcing electronic and communication gadgets, mobile phones, water filters, air purifiers, heat pumps, tools, HAVC spare parts etc.

We provide the latest Products (according to the clients request), technology allowing us to give our customers the best quality, & prices possible in the market.

Our team in ”Muka Magic” works closely with our customers to better understand their challenges and provide cost-saving solutions.

The principles and standards of “Muka Magic” has made our company one of the most reputable trading organizations in the USA and we are more than able to satisfy our clients based  all over the World.

Our major products range:

  • Equipment and machinery

  • Vehicles/ automobiles/ spare parts

  • Plumbing solutions and hardware, various agricultural and household  pumps

  • Heating & cooling solutions,heat pumps

  • Kitchen appliances,

  • Lab equipment

  • IT equipment/ software/ hardware/ networking

  • Safety equipment,

  • Gym/ sports goods

  • Electronics appliances/ gadgets/ bio metrics

  • Uniforms

  • Electrical- cables/ wires/ switches etc.

  • Furniture

  • Various brands mobiles and its accessories

  • Air purifiers and air filters

  • Air conditioners and HAVC spare parts

  • Etc...

Logistics Services

“Muka Magic” has key partnerships, exclusive worldwide teaming agreements, and strategic joint ventures with more than 20 certified carriers to offer specialized logistics solutions.


When commercial airlines do not adequately meet our client’s special requirements, we provide customized solutions to offer best terms of consistent transit.

Our ground services across multiple front line locations can provide creative solutions for any complexity and ensure the fastest possible lead time.

“Muka Magic”  has the knowledge and proven experience to transform your Procurement Business Process and deliver your company key benefits such as:

Meeting your customers and other stakeholders wants/requirements with reduction in budgets.

Reduced procurement costs through an analysis of your procurement process

Lean practices to reduce waste and streamline.


Contact us today for a free assessment and find out how we can help you save time and meet your targets within budget and with peace of mind.

Logistics Servises
Global Sourcing
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